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New and stronger fence for Kangemi Youth Centre

Old fence at the back oft he school building The school building of the Kangemi Youth Center was only inadequately secured at the back by a low and already very dilapidated fence. Unauthorized persons gained access, disrupted lessons, broke windows and stole school-owned items. In addition, the NairoBits [...]

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Drinking water for the students of the Kanyorosha Self Help School

The installation of a larger water tank with a capacity of 10,000 liters in November 2021 could help. On the part of NYENDO this project was supported with 740,00 €. Now even drinking water can be sold to the people in the neighborhood to generate a small income for [...]

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After the lockdown – First impressions from Kangemi in January 2021

After the lockdown - First impressions from Kangemi in January 2021 New to the Nyendo Team Nairobi is our staff member Ndanu Brown. She is re-establishing our office at Kangemi Youth School (KYS) and will be on site for one day each week. On 19 [...]

Electricity for Evemon Education Centre

The school's principal, Evelnye Omuse, writes: "The installation of electricity at our school has brought great benefits to both teachers and students: In the lighted classrooms, learners can now read what is written on the board without difficulty and put things on paper themselves. Also, electrical devices such as [...]

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Irmgard’s visit to Nairobits at the Mukuru Kwa Reuben Center

Irmgard's visit to Nairobits at the Mukuru Kwa Reuben Center Nairobits is a non-profit organization that brings education to the underprivileged youth in the slum who have completed their schooling. With this local initiative Nyendo wants to take a new and very promising path for the benefit of [...]

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What happened to our “Corona Special”?

What happened to our "Corona Special"? Our Nyendo student companies were not idle even during the Corona lockdown, and promoted the "Corona Special" in their environment. As a result, a total of €10,279 has been raised in the period from the end of April to the present. 1.776 [...]

Nyendo-Report Nairobi – September 2020

Nyendo-Report Nairobi - September 2020 Covid-19 pandemic – consequences for most schools As the world is now adapting to new changes brought up by the covid-19 pandemic, most developing countries are struggling to keep pace with these changes like social distancing, e-learning, self-dependency, disaster preparedness & management [...]

Online-meeting on 5 April 2020

Online-meeting on 5 April 2020 On 5 April 2020 an online meeting between the Nyendo team in Germany and the Headmasters took place in Nairobi. The valuable contributions of nyendo to the self-help schools for children in the slums of Nairobi were discussed as well as the acute [...]

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