Understanding change as an opportunity

Now is the perfect time to significantly expand our network of schools in Europe, as we have broad social support and beneficial conditions:

  • There is a broad consensus that issues such as social cohesion, social justice and sustainable development urgently need to be addressed.
  • The educational landscape has opened during Corona, providing opportunities for new educational approaches.
  • Young people are sensitized by initiatives such as Fridays for Future and are ready to actively advocate for a better world.

Our main goal is to create a more diverse and empowered educational landscape where students can better develop their potential while still in school and deepen their connection to the world.

In the nyendo network, we can interconnect different elements, linking extracurricular and in-school activities, alumni, teachers, and businesses/policies. In this way, we create new synergies, promote intergenerational collaboration, and offer schools an open learning space.

A look at our network schools

Free Waldorf School Chiemgau (Prien am Chiemsee)

The Free Waldorf School Chiemgau  is since September 2013 a Nyendo School. The student company runs catering, organizes fundraising and more. To date 61,900 € have been generated. Partner is the Kangemi Youth School.

School name Freie Waldorfschule Prien am Chiemsee
Headmaster/Headmistress Evelyn Bukowski
Name School firm Nyendo Food for Food
What makes the student company special? Wir lachen viel miteinander und halten gut zusammen.
Student company activities Catering, Pausenverkauf, Verkauf von Schmuck, Spendenlauf
Quote about cooperation with nyendo.lernen Wir freuen uns sehr, mit so einem tollen Netzwerk zusammenarbeiten zu dürfen.
Biggest challenges Bessere Organisation und gute Planung.
Greatest successes with nyendo Unsere Adventmärkte sind für uns immer ein tolles Erlebnis und ein großer Erfolg.
Website / Social Media Unsere Instagram ist gerade am Erwachen.

The Free Waldorf School Rosenheim

The Free Waldorf School Rosenheim is since September 2013 a Nyendo School. The student company runs a stall at weekly, Advent and flea markets with African goods and Fairtrade chocolate, carries out fundraising and has set up bottle deposit bins. So far, it has generated 13,600 € for her partner school, the Love School.

School name Freie Waldorfschule Rosenheim
Headmaster/Headmistress Susanne Zeisig, Alexandra Gatterer
Name School firm Upendo Tamu
What makes the student company special? Kreativität, Teamwork und Projekte
Upendo Tamu heißt süße Liebe, da das erste Produkt der Schülerfirma selbstgemachte Schokolade war
Student company activities Gläschenprojekt (Kräutersalze, Kakao, Badesalze), bei Schulevents Kaffee ausschenken, Waffeln backen, Handarbeiten aus Kenia verkaufen oder Muffinsaktionen an besonderen Tagen wie Valentinstag
Quote about cooperation with nyendo.lernen “Zusammen können wir die Welt aus den Angeln heben!“
Biggest challenges Gute Organisation und Planung
Greatest successes with nyendo Beim Wiederaufbau der Love School haben wir finanziell mitgeholfen und auch einen Wassertank finanziert. Heuer wurde der Bau einer Drainage für die Love School ermöglicht.
Website / Social Media Instagram Upendo Tamu

Schulzentrum Ybbs (Österreich)

Die HAK-Handelsakademie des Schulzentrums Ybbs an der Donau (Österreich) kooperiert seit Juli 2018 mit nyendo.lernen hand in hand. Seither wurden 4.000 € erwirtschaftet.

Always on the move: our network is growing

In the last years we had the pleasure to successfully cooperate with numerous schools in Germany and Austria. Our network is in motion and open to all who want to be a part of it. Whether short, medium, or long term, the partnership with the schools is fruitful for both sides and characterized by enthusiasm.