The Challenge

Skyllife School is located in Kawangware-Slum, which is the 2nd biggest slum in Kenya. Due to poor drainage-and sewer system in the slum and high population rate, most of the sewage is just disposed openly and anyhow. This leads to high water borne disease cases in the slum and it is sad to know that avoidable water borne disease like diarrhea caused by dirty water and poor toilets, kills a child under 5years every 2 minutes in this modern time, around the world according to a research carried out by WASH WATER.ORG. Most of our pupils failed to report to school due to cases of diarrhea, typhoid and other water borne diseases. Even those who reported, the foul smell from the sewage didn’t give them peace to concentrate in class, hence their education performance was highly affected. Prevention is better than cure and as always promoting good hygiene is one of the most cost effective health interventions.

Working together for change

That’s why we have come up with plans on how to lower this rate by reducing the chances of contracting water borne diseases around our school and getting rid of the foul smell that the pupils can seriously concentrate with their studies without any hindrance of any water borne diseases. With the help of nyendo.lernen, we came up with a way of covering up the sewage around our school that is been disposed by our neighboring plots anyhow and disposing it off to the right channel.

The Result

As research says: Every 1$ invested in water and toilets return an average of 4$ in increased productivity, hence with our new conducive environment it will now be easier for our pupils to learn without any foul smell produced by the sewage and will have highly reduced the chances of them contracting water borne diseases and this will in return keep them in school healthy and focused on their education. As the Skylife fraternity we would like to give thanks to nyendo.lernen for their act of kindness that will surely help keep our pupils in school healthy and sewage odor free. Hence give them the energy & time to concentrate in their studies and improve their performance.