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Summer party in Rosenheim, Germany

The Freie Waldorfschule Rosenheim once again held a big summer party with the school community in July! The student company Upendo Tamu had a big stand where waffles were baked, coffee was served, homemade elderberry lemonade and handicrafts from Kenya were sold. The students of the student company brought [...]

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Nyendo Students from Germany Embrace Cultural Exchange at NairoBits

An exciting cultural exchange between NairoBits and Nyendo students took place in April 2023. The visit was an opportunity for the students to interact, learn from each other's cultures, and explore the impact of digital skills training on empowering young people. Engaging activities, delicious Kenyan cuisine, and a celebration of [...]

Successful social entrepreneurs

Successful social entrepreneurs Even though the young people in our student companies lack personal encounters, being active with one another, visits from Kenya and project travelers who report from there due to the pandemic, they do not give up:  They continue to contribute, earn money and thus enable [...]

A reflection of 2020 from the perspective of the Nyendo Institute

A reflection of 2020 from the perspective of the Nyendo Institute Like probably many reviews of 2020, the one of the Nyendo Institute is a mixed one. Our year started with a great retreat on the Fraueninsel at Lake Chiemsee. Many personal encounters, many guests with interesting inputs [...]

What happened to our “Corona Special”?

What happened to our "Corona Special"? Our Nyendo student companies were not idle even during the Corona lockdown, and promoted the "Corona Special" in their environment. As a result, a total of €10,279 has been raised in the period from the end of April to the present. 1.776 [...]

Five things that Nyendo does different from classic volunteer services

"What we experienced there will stay with us all our lives." Digging wells, looking after orphans or building schools? What many volunteer programs in Africa do is certainly well-intentioned. But is it also sustainable? We at Nyendo do things a bit differently. Many young people in [...]

The valuable work of the student companies

The valuable work of the student companies December is Christmas month. This can also be noticed in our student companies. In Rosenheim, Prien, Chemnitz and also Ybbs, Advent markets were prepared. Those are a good opportunity for the student companies to sell their own upcycling products, printed [...]

Nyendo work at the Freie Waldorfschule Frankfurt

Nyendo work at the Freie Waldorfschule Frankfurt Thanks to the visit of Dr. Alexander Piecha in our small Nyendo group and in the Pedagogical Conference, new impulses could be set in our Nyendo work. We took up his suggestion and now not only meet weekly since February [...]

nyendo in Vienna at the Entrepreneurship-Summit 2019

nyendo in Vienna at the Entrepreneurship-Summit 2019 This gathering is the culmination of the Entrepreneurship Week, which is now taking place simultaneously in 116 countries around the world, with the aim of serving as an encouragement tank and networking platform for young generation change makers. In the [...]

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A floor for the Sweet Angels School

The challenge Since 2005, students at Sweet Angels Self Help School have been learning on the natural clay floor located on a muddy foundation. Such floors are very moist, and water cannot quickly soak away. Therefore, they are usually soft, uneven, and very difficult to clean. For the Sweet Angels [...]

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