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Nyendo Students from Germany Embrace Cultural Exchange at NairoBits

By |2023-06-20T09:57:34+02:0019. June 2023|NairoBits, Students Europe|

An exciting cultural exchange between NairoBits and Nyendo students took place in April 2023. The visit was an opportunity for the students to interact, learn from each other's cultures, and explore the impact of digital skills training on empowering young [...]

Five things that Nyendo does different from classic volunteer services

By |2020-09-20T19:16:07+02:0020. September 2020|Cooperation, Students as entrepreneurs, Students Europe|

"What we experienced there will stay with us all our lives." Digging wells, looking after orphans or building schools? What many volunteer programs in Africa do is certainly well-intentioned. But is it also sustainable? We at [...]

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