Irmgard’s visit to Nairobits at the Mukuru Kwa Reuben Center

Nairobits is a non-profit organization that brings education to the underprivileged youth in the slum who have completed their schooling. With this local initiative Nyendo wants to take a new and very promising path for the benefit of the slum community in Nairobi. In the oldest Kenyan partner school in the Kangemi-Youth-Center, a Nairobits-Center will be built. Through their many years of experience, the Nairobits trainers are able to unfold the potential of the young people and thus contribute to their transformation and help them to find work and a career.

Emily, who introduces herself in the video, will accompany our project in Kangemi Youth. Her story is representative for many graduates who have been trained in the twenty-year history of Nairobits. Emily, a typical child from the Kibera slum, comes from a large family and through Nairobits was given the opportunity to develop her potential. She is a true pioneer who, against all odds, did her training and now works as a trainer for Nairobits and accompanies the young people. She knows how important it is to get a chance to learn and thereby overcome the imaginary boundaries of the slum.

At the Reuben Center Irmgard also met two Nairobits-Alumnis, who reported about their way:

Kenneth completed his apprenticeship in 2018, his passion was filming and by training with Nairobits he was able to put his passion into practice. Today he works as a freelancer and graphic designer. At the same time he now manages the Reuben-Nairobits Center and emphasizes the great opportunities Nairobits has given to him.

Brian completed his training in 2012 and 2013 and through Nairobits he got the chance to learn , transform himself and became a graphic designer, both agree: “We have been transfomed and we believe others can be too.”