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Your donation will help to expand nyendo’s international network and support European students in their projects, which in turn promote sustainable initiatives in Kenya. Become part of our growing Nyendo-Family, where schools, students and companies share a sustainable approach. Instead of one-time monetary donations to local schools in need, nyendo enables students to help themselves. In concrete terms, this means that European students aged 13 to 17 set up their own businesses with the help of experienced coaches to earn money. With the income generated, these young people support long-term projects in the informal settlements of Nairobi.

Your support has an immediate and lasting effect

With your contribution, we enable students to make a sustainable impact on the development of a better world. Our nyendo students learn a lot:

  • Self-efficacy:
    The students see on site what their work and commitment achieve at home. This motivates them and creates a sense of achievement.
  • Sustainability:
    Nyendo projects are designed for the long term. The students help themselves and thus create the basis for a lasting improvement in the educational situation and quality of life in the project area.
  • Social responsibility:
    The young people learn about their scope of influence in a globalized world. They see what they can achieve and change and take action to ensure greater social justice.

  • Social entrepreneurship:
    Along the way, the students learn to think and act like entrepreneurs. They run a company, make entrepreneurial decisions, live out their creativity and never lose sight of the social aspect.

As you can see: Your donation helps in many places at once! You enable young people to have a sustainable future in a globalized world. You create values. You fulfill dreams.

Become part of our Nyendo-Family now! Already with a monthly donation of 10 € you make a valuable contribution. You support our development of the nyendo network. Thereby we gain new partner schools in Europe and finance projects in Africa. Of course, we are also happy with one-off donations.

Your advantages in one glance

As a Nyendo-Family-Member, you are always up to date. You can look forward to:

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    Regular Newsletter: Our exclusive newsletter for the Nyendo-Family four times a year.

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    Events: Be a part of it and get to know the people involved firsthand.

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    Annual report: You will receive our annual report and learn where your donation has been used and what it has achieved.

  • 4

    Donation receipt: At the end of each year, you will receive a donation receipt and can claim your donation against tax.

  • 5

    Visit of our project partners/projects on site: You will get the opportunity to experience firsthand our work on site and to meet our friends in Nairobi.

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Warum nyendo?

Natürlich wollen Sie wissen, ob Ihre Spende bei nyendo gut angelegt ist. Lassen Sie sich von diesen Zahlen überzeugen:

Schulunterricht in einem Klassenzimmer an der Kanyorosha-Schule
  • Since 2012, over 200 young people at 10 Nyendo schools have been entrepreneurially active with 7 business models and a variety of activities.
  • More than € 146,000 was generated by European students and donated to the partner projects in Kenya.
  • Additionally, € 118,500 in donations were collected from foundations and private individuals.
  • 14 project schools in the slums of Nairobi were directly supported.
  • Over 10,000 families in Nairobi benefit in the long term from the implemented projects.

nyendo has

  • purchased school land,
  • covered costs of meals, rent and salaries,
  • established 4 school gardens,
  • introduced 3 regional currencies,
  • set up a carpentry workshop (Maker-space),
  • 6 interactive art and encounter projects were carried out in the slum and
  • 8 groups of our underage Nyendo students were able to live unaccompanied by adults in the slum with host families from our partner schools.

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