The Kangemi Youth School with 300 students is a partner of the Waldorf School Chiemgau in Prien am Chiemsee. Since 2016, the largest projects to date have been the creation of a school garden and, since autumn 2017, the payment of teachers’ salaries in the holiday months. At the moment, the slum school is working together with 4 architecture students from the Technical University of Munich and nyendo.lernen in planning for the construction of a teacher and guest house on the school’s own property. The Nyendo School in Prien am Chiemsee has already generated 18,000€.

The SIFA Children Centre with its 320 students currently has no European Nyendo School as a permanent partner.

The Kanyorosha Self Help School looks after a total of 260 students and had until August 2017 the Louise von Rothschild School in Frankfurt as a partner. In 2014, the school was able to acquire a piece of land with the help of nyendo.lernen hand in hand and set up simple classrooms. Now that it no longer has to pay rent to a third-party owner, it is much easier to cover the ongoing operating costs.

The Love School is a refuge for around 400 students. Most of them are children with disabilities, serious illnesses or half or full orphans. It has been supported by the Waldorf School Rosenheim since September 2013. The last major projects were the construction of a fresh water tank in early 2018, the purchase of 25 school desks and, in 2018 and 2019, the payment of land lease and teacher salaries for the holiday months.

The Five Star Academy, with its 270 students, has been supported since September 2018 by the student company Jamii of the Free Waldorf School Evinghausen. As early as April 2019, it was possible to finance the transfer of a drinking water pipeline and the installation of a drinking water reservoir from the profits generated. It was also possible to pay the arrears of real estate and teachers’ salaries in the holiday months.

The Skylife Children Centre has been a partner of the Louise von Rothschild School in Frankfurt am Main since September 2017. With 390 students, it is one of the larger CIFEFA schools. Here too, the 11 teachers received salaries for the holidays in 2017 and 2018. In October 2018, they received 28 new school benches, and in the winter of 2018, they set up a sewer and also lighting for the classrooms.

The Happy Hour Education Centre, with 95 students, does not yet have a Nyendo school as a partner. Nevertheless, the school was equipped with new toilets by nyendo.lernen in October 2017. Donations to Kenya were also passed on to pay the salaries of the 5 teachers during the holidays in 2017 and 2018.

The Kanungaga Friends Education Centre, with 105 students, has found a partner in the Waldorf School Chemnitz since autumn 2018. So far, in the years 2017 and 2018, salaries for 8 teachers could be paid during the holiday months. Future donations should used for the construction of toilets and the procurement of school furniture.

The Sweet Angels Self Help School, with 160 students, also found a partner in the Freie Waldorfschule Frankfurt am Main in autumn 2018. The most urgent project at the moment is the equipping of the classrooms with proper cement floors.

The largest slum school, the Bensophil Community Centre with 500 students, does not yet have a Nyendo school as a partner. Also here are renovations planned for the classrooms and the procurement of other school furniture.

We also do not have a partner for the Bethel Community Development Centre with about 100 students. There, the main needs are for school books and school boards. It is a big problem for the school to finance the ongoing leasing costs.

The same applies to the Evemon Education Centre with 200 students. It was also included in the CIFEFA network in April 2019 and would very much like a supportive Nyendo school from Germany or Austria.

Status: July 2019