“This meeting was incredibly intense and has taken us a giant step further as a group. We are motivated and full of strength. ”
“I’m much more motivated now and have so many new ideas. Also cool were all the new people I met. ”

Involving with all Nyendo schools

  • We attend annual retreats, to which the alumni are also invited
  • We hold monthly on-line conferences
  • We share an internal monthly mirror and social media channels
  • Every year we organize a visit to Germany for our headmaster from Nairobi
  • We support each other, sharing ideas and resources with each other, optimizing our achievements and realizing our shared vision

With our partner schools in Kenya

  • We choose one of the 14 slum schools as our personal partner school, which we accompany and support in the long term. A part of our proceeds goes to joint projects of the partner schools in the CIFEFA network
  • We are in regular contact via Skype, Mail, our Monthly Mirror and mutual visits
  • We examine their “Annual Reports” and select projects from their “needs” that we want to support with our proceeds
  • We create reports and detailed proofs of use