Our successes: Engagement with impact

Learning about entrepreneurship and thus fighting causes of flight: our USP, our strength.

Our current figures from the Annual Report 2022 (link Annual Report) underline this:

  • More than 200 young people became entrepreneurially active at 12 schools with 7 business models and a variety of activities.
  • More than 181,000 € were generated and donated by them (until December 2021).
  • In addition, 355,000 € in donations were collected.
  • 10,000 families at 16 community schools in informal settlements of Nairobi were directly supported, indirectly thus also all future classes.
  • Our projects give hope, promote self-efficacy, and stabilize economic structures.
  • We have
    • purchased a school property in the informal settlements
    • Covered costs for meals, rent and salaries
    • Created four school gardens
    • Introduced three regional currencies
    • Furnished toilets and school furniture
    • laid water and sewage pipes at 2 slum schools
    • established carpentry workshop (Makerspace)
  • Six interactive art and encounter projects were carried out in the informal settlements.
  • Ten groups of our 17/18-year-old nyendo students lived with host families in the informal settlements and felt at home.
  • Five times friends from the informal settlements of Nairobi were our guests in Germany.
  • With our continuous local and global networking, we could make an important contribution to the fight against ghettoization and stigmatization.

In 2005, Irmgard Wutte was the first foreign person in the informal settlement Kangemi. In the meantime, friends from all over the world come and go there. Thus, we are successfully continuing to write the nyendo story.

Awards and nominations

We are delighted about the recognition of our work.

Hidden Movers Award 2018

With the Hidden Movers Award, the Deloitte Foundation honors little-known, innovative educational initiatives and ideas. The focus is on empowering young people in Germany.
Of the 118 applications received, one of the winners was “nyendo.lernen: Social-Entrepreneurship-Education@School. In addition to prize money totaling 75,000 euros, all winners received pro bono consulting from Deloitte employees and coaching from the Social Entrepreneurship Academy.

Sparda Bank Values Ambassador 2018

The nyendo.lernen hand in hand UG succeeded in being included in the Sparda Bank Munich’s “Values Ambassador” donation competition through a public vote voting. Around 5.500 users took part in the online voting.