The school’s principal, Evelnye Omuse, writes:

“The installation of electricity at our school has brought great benefits to both teachers and students: In the lighted classrooms, learners can now read what is written on the board without difficulty and put things on paper themselves. Also, electrical devices such as laptops and phones can now be charged, which is why we now use them when teaching learners whenever possible”

In addition to committed and competent teachers, good teaching requires a whole range of other conditions. Even though many German schools are in need of considerable renovation, the conditions in the self-help schools in the slums of Nairobi are quite different: In corrugated iron barracks, partly without windows, the pupils inside sit tightly packed, sometimes up to 40 children in a dim room that would be used for ten at most in our country.

Evemon Education Centre, nyendo’s youngest partner school in the slums of Nairobi, founded and run by Evelyne Omuse, also lacked electricity. In December 2021, nyendo financed the connection of Evemon Education Centre to the power grid and the installation of lamps and sockets with almost € 570.00, so that the students can now work in illuminated classrooms and the use of laptops has become possible.