“I realized that you can achieve so much with small, simple things. That’s why I’m part of nyendo! “




We are currently 80 young entrepreneurs at 8 schools in Germany and Austria and have generated a total of more than 220,000€ and forwarded it to our friends in the slums of Nairobi! We support 4,000 children at 14 partner schools there.

Did you know,

  • that 80% of the 4 million inhabitants of Nairobi – ie more than 3 million inhabitants – live there on 5% of the living space in the slums
  • there are only 6 state schools in the Kangemi / Kawangware slum for 80,000 children
  • that teachers and parents lead 113 community schools, with no outside funding
  • that half of the children in the slum only go to school when there is a daily meal (otherwise they have to take care themselves of their food during the day)

Our actions and business ideas since 2012

  • Entrepreneurial actions and services
    • Donations, raffles, flea markets, street music, Santa and Valentine actions, putting up and emptying bottle deposit bins, charity concerts, rickshaw ride
  • Trade and sales
    • Products from Kenya, Fairtrade coffee, Fairtrade chocolate, T-shirts and school uniforms
  • Manufacture and sales
    • self-printed school clothes
    • a self-designed national knowledge quiz card game
    • an in-school school planner
    • of lamps from glass bottles
  • and above all: catering inside and outside the school

Over 200 young people have already been inspired and activated by nyendo.lernen!

We are what nyendo means in Swahili: a MOVEMENT!

Wir sind – was nyendo in Suaheli bedeutet – eine BEWEGUNG !