Together with our network schools throughout Europe, we offer students a platform to become active young entrepreneurs with fun and commitment. In recent years, hundreds of young entrepreneurs in Germany and Austria have already initiated a variety of business models, generating over EUR 142,000 since 2012. With these proceeds, more than 10,000 families and numerous projects in the informal settlements of Nairobi could be supported.

“I realised that you can achieve an incredible amount by doing small, simple things. That’s why I’m part of nyendo!”

The student companies launch various activities and business ideas

Encounter and collaboration

Inter-school exchanges and meetings are the heartbeat that keeps the cycle of activities or the motivation of the student companies in collaboration with all nyendo schools in Europe and Kenya going. The young people participate in annual retreats to which alumni are also invited. They also hold monthly online conferences and communicate through social media and collaboration platforms. These efforts are characterized by mutual support and the sharing of ideas and resources as they work together over the long term to achieve a shared vision.

Every year, the student companies also organize a trip to Germany together with nyendo for project partners from Nairobi to visit. The goal of this journey is to break down our conditioned images and redefine “rich and poor” for ourselves, because we experience these school leaders as heroes in personal encounters, not as supplicants.

All parties involved are in regular contact via digital platforms, mail, and through their visits to one another. And from their conversations and shared exchanges, they select projects that are deemed meaningful and purposeful at that moment and can be supported with the earnings from their activities. Of course, the students and nyendo prepare reports and detailed proofs of use.

Nyendo inspires and activates. The movement has started and is gaining momentum.