What happened to our “Corona Special”?

Our Nyendo student companies were not idle even during the Corona lockdown, and promoted the “Corona Special” in their environment. As a result, a total of €10,279 has been raised in the period from the end of April to the present. 1.776 € were transferred directly from student companies, the rest are donations from private persons, especially from the parents, relatives and friends of our students and people who became aware of us through other media and support our Nyendo idea.

We were able to pay salaries to our 150 teachers at the slum schools for the months of April and May 2020. Now we are in the process of finding new ways in this dramatic time of lockdown and want to use these donations to alleviate the greatest hardships at present. Ms. Wutte has been in Kenya since mid-March and is working there with a core team on new projects for which we want to use the funds from the “Corona Special”. Please continue reading the “Interim Report from Nairobi August 2020”.

Text by Jasmine Reischl