Experience – shape – change – learn

We support young social entrepreneurs in their desire to shape our world fairly and sustainably. They become entrepreneurial, donate their proceeds to friends in the slums of Nairobi and visit them after two years of cooperation.

“Social entrepreneurs are the essential corrective force. They are system-changing entrepreneurs. And from deep within they … are committed to the good of all.”

Bill Drayton, founder and chairman of Ashoka

“For me, Nyendo is a framework in which I learn self-determined, get help when I need it and become effective for the world.”

Quote from a Nyendo student

Learning and creativity experts such as Gerald Hüther and Sir Ken Robinson call for a “revolution” in education in the light of new scientific evidence. Hüther wants to invite, inspire and encourage students – because learning takes place only when it is felt and experienced.

The economist Jeremy Rifkin sees the social heretics as the heroes of the new era, who together create solution-oriented and creative new markets. The three experts agree on common learning biotopes and learning spaces with real challenges in which an optimal unfolding of individual potentials can take place: “Young people need tasks, role models and communities,” said Hüther.

We combine entrepreneurial know-how with real life challenges

  • diverse cooperation in real networks
  • a global development partnership with people in the slums
  • Self-determined, self-effective and reflective learning in a team

Our impulse: to offer young people a framework for learning and action that enables them to follow their hearts and develop their potential as co-creators of a globalized society.

In 2005, Irmgard Wutte met friends and principals in the Nairobi slum, and since 2012 they have been partners for our Nyendo students. At that time Irmgard Wutte was the first white person in this slum, meanwhile friends from all over the world are coming and going there. Already eight groups of our underage Nyendo students lived there without an adult. That’s how we write history and ARE the very change we want to see in the world. Between 2012 and 2017 alone, Irmgard Wutte made eleven visits to the project.

Our vision

A worldwide movement of interconnected, regional student company networks that gain experience in partnership and achieve social entrepreneurial success – and thus shape the world of tomorrow.

The participation requirements are also our rules

  • Everyone contributes voluntarily and bindingly
  • We work together in teams of various ages and in the Nyendo school network
  • We implement sustainable entrepreneurial ideas and aim to make a profit of 5,000€ per annum
  • We intend to give our proceeds to our partner school as an aid to self-help
  • We intend to visit our friends in the slum, share their lives and learn from them
  • We see ourselves as an interactive part of a global civil society
  • We reflect and document our actions through a personal Nyendo portfolio

The course of our year is structured by three events that, in their special quality of experience, are always a source of inspiration and a source of strength for our joint work

  • A retreat for all Nyendo students and staff during the winter
  • Project trips by individual groups of students to Kenya in the spring / summer
  • The visit from Kenya to the German Nyendo schools in the autumn

In EXPERIENCE the impulse for creative action emerges: a DESIGN, whereby we CHANGE the world – and thereby LEARN.