Successful social entrepreneurs

Even though the young people in our student companies lack personal encounters, being active with one another, visits from Kenya and project travelers who report from there due to the pandemic, they do not give up:  They continue to contribute, earn money and thus enable our partners to realize sustainable projects in their traumatized communities. This time the following projects were on the agenda:

New, larger water tanks are needed at the Kanyrosha Self Help School and the Love School Junior to provide drinking water, to supply watering for the gardens and to sell it to the neighbours. At the Love School Senior it was necessary to remedy the damages from the fire and the following plunder. 28 teachers at our partner schools are wishing to participate in an Online-seminar hosted by the World Social Initiative Forums.  At Evemon Education Centre, electricity is supposed to be transmitted to all of the classrooms.  And last but not least we have to mention the final payment for the IT-trainingcenter at the Kangemi Youth Centre which we started in cooperation with NairoBits. Since the number of participants in the first course was too little to cover up all the running costs we also need to provide the salary for the trainers during the first 3 months, until the second course, which usually has more participants, will start.

The director of our institute, Alexander Piecha, introduced the projects to all the CEOs of our student companies, they discussed with their colleagues and made decisions based on that:  The students from Prien (cover picture) have donated 1500 € altogether, 500 € of those are supposed to be used as savings for the Kangemi Youth Centre (presumably to build appartments there), 200 € are designated for the water tank at the Love School and 700 € for our NairoBits project.

The Jamiis aus Evinghausen have donated 630 €, of which 430 € are intended to be used at the Love School Junior and 200 € for the teachers’ workshop.

The Pamojas aus Chemnitz have contributed 300 € to the NairoBits project.

Upendo Tamu from Rosenheim (picture on the right) and mainly private donors added 1.302 €, 1.152 € are destined for the water tank at the Love School Junior and 150 € for the teachers’ workshop as well. 

Ybbs (picture on the left) are donating 400 € to our NairoBits-IT-Trainingcenter altogether.

Thanks to an additional and very generous private donation, we are able to cover up the costs for all of the projects, in case the students agree with a little redistribution, since we have received more money than needed for some projects but are still missing 420 € for the salaries of the IT trainers. 

Regarding that, us from the Nyendo-institue still need to work on our decision-making processes, in order to enable the students to coordinate themselves in the network instead making their individual decisions without having a perspective on the overall situation.

but all in all, this is a great success for our young social entrepreneurs!