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Nyendo is Swahili and means movement. And we want to be a movement.
Us at nyendo are educational pioneers, inviting a new generation of young social entrepreneurs already going to school to become effective in today’s world of change and to develop their own potentials.


To achieve this, we offer a framework for learning and action in which they can understand economic contexts and learn how to act entrepreneurially.
With the revenues from the student companies, we support rewarding projects at partner schools in Nairobi, Kenya – to alleviate acute hardship, improve structures and build social infrastructure.

Nyendo.lernen offers an interdisciplinary educational program for

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Global development partnership
  • Intercultural relations

Our Vision

We want to create a movement of collaborative, regional, student-company networks celebrating partnership successes in all parts of the world.

Our idea & vision

We support the adolescent social entrepreneurs and their motivation to shape our world in a fair and sustainable way, with help and advice. For this purpose, nyendo offers high school and junior high school students a social entrepreneurial learning field by combining all Nyendo schools as a communication and action framework and the personal connection to one of our partner schools in the slums of Nairobi.

Nyendo schools in Europe

Our German school network includes classes from Chemnitz, Evinghausen, Frankfurt am Main, Ismaning, Prien am Chiemsee and from Rosenheim. In addition, we are supported by a school in the Austrian town of Ybbs on the Danube.

Partner schools in Kenya

Our African partner schools are located in the slums of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Nairobi is an example of the cities of the future that are typical of the world. Of its 4 million inhabitants, 80% (ie more than 3 million!) live in only 5% of the living space in the slums and fight there for survival. “It’s not about peace,” says Shabu Mwangi, slum artist and visionary, “It’s about justice and equality.

Irmgard Wutte
CEO and founder

Our impulse

We want to help overcome the division of the globalized society through personal encounters on an equal footing – by working together on solutions to social problems, because: if one understands humanity as a networked community of equal individuals, then each person is a responsible co-creator of our common social life reality. In this sense, we connect schools from German-speaking countries and in the slums of Nairobi through our network!

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We support the youth in shaping our world in a fair and sustainable way. A school-based educational program with a participatory focus empowers young people in social entrepreneurship and global thinking.
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