The school kitchen at the Evemon Education Center previously consisted of a small, low room. The food for the pupils and teachers was prepared with firewood on three stones on the floor.



With a donation of €900 from the Prien school company, we were able to upgrade this kitchen considerably. The old roof was removed, the room was extended and the roof and walls were covered with new panels. There is now a roof overhang at the front under which the firewood can be stored.

The centerpiece of the new kitchen is a sturdy stove with two fireplaces – called “KUNI JIKO” in Kenya.

The floors of four classrooms were also in a very poor condition. They were newly covered with cement and are now smooth and easy to walk on again.

The work on the kitchen and the floors was carried out on the weekend of 8 to 10 March 2024, so that there was no loss of lessons. The “KUNI JIKO” was handed over to the school management on 24 March, 2024, i.e. before Easter.

Many thanks to the Prien Student Company.