In April, guests came to nyendo in Kenya. Four visitors from Europe and even India stayed with us, accompanied by two German filmmakers, to thank for some great pictures.

The tour took us to two Nyendo partner organizations Start Somewhere und NairoBits) and two partner schools (Happy Hour School and Evemon Education Centre). Everyone was very happy during and after the tour, but above all very moved by the many impressions they were exposed to – experiences that do something to you.

We have decided to leave this article to the reactions of the participants. They tell the most about the feelings:

Claudia, Trevor, Helen, Immaculate, Pamela

“Thank you, dear Jerusa, for steering us with such grace and warmth and clarity. Goodness me, what sights to behold. The impressions are struggling for words. All my daily problems seem rather, how can I put it, embarrassing.”

Trevor M., visitor

“After a night’s sleep, I woke up thinking of the tremendous courage of those teachers who attempted something for the children of the slums, in the face of such adversity. The tour was… to describe it? The reality of a slum is daunting but we were met everywhere with warmth from adults and curiosity from children. Jerusa was a wonderful guide, as was Brenda.”

Helen M., visitor



“I was very impressed by the work you are doing. Especially the conversation with the young women at NairoBits, who attended the school. They seemed incredibly confident, proud of what they have achieved and happy in their work, a great success.

At Start Somewhere, I was very moved by the words of the teacher who started it all with unpaid work. You could feel her enthusiasm for her mission and a strong will to help. The factory with the building blocks is a great project. It creates many new jobs. The rooms are also very well insulated and much cooler.

In addition to all the poverty, we were also able to experience many beautiful and hopeful things. We all went home deeply moved.”

Claudia Z., visitor


“Life is so simple and clear, just enjoy it with what you have. Everybody’s life is way different from others and we have something to do as our part as a human.”

Mathan, visitor

Our local friends experienced the visit from abroad with these words:


“When visitors came in our school at Bethel Community Development Center, I realized that all the schools that nyendo has visited achieve a lot. Many of our children in the community are saved by nyendo, we hope, that we shall never remain the same as we move on with nyendo.”

Immaculate, head mistress, Bethel Community School

“This visitation brings hope, we feel at least we are not alone and someone somewhere in the world is aware of the happenings and ready to listen to us. The visit also highly motivated us to keep going – and that we should not give up, despite the challenges.”

Pamela, head mistress, Happy Hour School


 “My learnings from the visit: nyendo is growing. If you want to go fast, walk alone but if you want to go far, walk together, There is hope for the development of our schools and community.”

Evelyne, head mistress, Evemon Education Centre

The visit was a great pleasure and a valuable enrichment for everyone involved. It will certainly not be the last trip of this kind. Irmgard Wutte has been visiting her friends in Kangemi since 2005, first with customers of her travel company and later with nyendo friends and guests from all over the world.