My first time in Africa, my first time in Kenya. I began my trip to the Oseki Retreat with great excitement. My intention was not only to get to know Africa, but also our partner schools in the slums of Nairobi.

The Oseki Retreat was my home base for my activities in Nairobi. Due to all the recent rainfall, nature was at its most beautiful there. A big thank you goes to Irmgard Wutte and her team, who gave me a wonderful time.

School entrepreneurs

As a long-time employee at nyendo, visiting our partner schools was the highlight of my trip. I experienced the schools as a place where children of all ages find a safe place, where they can be children and where they experience education. Education is a key to a self-determined life in the future. Even the very low school fees have to be paid and not all parents are in a position to do so. Nevertheless, the Headmasters find ways to provide all the children with food and pay the teachers. For me, the Headmasters are real entrepreneurs. They are living their dream of giving children a future, despite all the difficulties and obstacles.

Evemon Education Center

Hand in hand to improve quality of life

We, as Nyendo-hand-in-hand, can support them in doing so. Nyendo is not a million-dollar sponsor, but the projects we realize improve the quality of life of children. Examples include classrooms built with innovative twistblocks (hollow blocks) from Start Somewhere , kitchen equipment so that the children can cook Ugali at lunchtime and drainage systems that allow recent rainwater to run off.

Bethel Community Education

A sign of belonging

Pamela from the Happy Hour School told me how important the school uniforms are. In an environment that looks dull and gray on its own, these uniforms are a cheerful, colorful splash and the students wear the school uniforms with great pride. It not only stands for education, but also for belonging and “being a carefree child”.

Happy Hour School

Bethany Joy School

Of course, a visit to Africa also includes a safari. In the national park in Nairobi, I encountered the lion, the king of animals, as well as many other wild animals.

Asante Sana AND I’ll be back.

By Brigitte Lindenhofer, Nyendo Institute