Since November, our team in Nairobi has been strengthened by our new colleague Brenda Kavili. Brenda is a great support for Maggie and our nyendo office in Nairobi. What’s more: as an architect, she is able to give our on-site activities a real boost. With her expertise, our construction projects in and around the schools are now being completed quickly. And with a clear budget overview – an important point for us!

Brenda, what do you like best about your job with nyendo?

Making even the smallest difference to the learning environment for the children. I have always had a soft spot for school developments and my career path has blessed me with great experience in the institutional field that allows me to impart my skills and knowledge in various projects.

How did you find us in the first place?

I was honoured to meet Irmgard and Maggie while working with Start Somewhere Ltd. A company that specializes with Twistblock technology that aims to achieve low cost construction and that has done numerous projects in the slum areas.

What does working for nyendo mean to you?

It gives me an opportunity to execute meaningful projects that directly impact the lives of the community around me.

If you could change something in the world, what would it be?

Poverty mentality and mind set.

Have you always lived in Nairobi?

Generally yes although I did live in the UK for 2 years when I was much younger. The exposure trained me to think of education much differently from what we have in the Kenyan system.

As a child, did you already want to become an architect?

Actually, no. I wanted to become a music producer. However, my love for architecture grew as I completed my secondary studies.

Which of your projects at nyendo are you most proud of?

All of them. As I give my all and my best to each and every project.

In your dreams, what kind of building would you like to construct?

Spaces that bring joy and peace. That work for the end user and enhance day to day living. Simple yet efficient spaces. I believe in Form Follows function and therefore the program or the activities of the end user are more important and that is what enhances the uniqueness of a building.

Thanks so much, Brenda! We are very happy to have you in our team!