Upcoming Projects of our Partner Schools

In accord with our core group our partner schools asked for support regarding the following projects:

Teachers’ salaries


Some of the 164 teachers in our 13 partner schools in Nairobi

It is a very important matter to all CIFEFA schools to pay the salary of their teachers also in the four months of holiday. On one hand, to enable the teachers and their families to pay their bills, but also to keep the teachers working at the schools for the long term. Therefore, our engagement in this aspect is one of the most important confidence-building measurements for our part in this mutual developement partnership. Momentarily, there are 164 teachers employed in the 13 partner schools in Nairobi. For the full payment of a salary for all teachers combined, 7,000 € are needed each month.

Kangemi Youth School

For the oldest partner school, Kangemi Youth School (KYS) from Joseph Simiyo with its 296 pupils, the construction of teachers’ appartments and a guesthouse is their biggest upcoming project. It consists of 3 moduls, for which 40,000 € are need per each modul. Also, the KYS is in need of a fence, the classrooms have to be painted urgently and school desks are missing. The current financial resources for those projects have been saved over a long time and amount to 19,000 €. The partner school of KYS is the Freie Waldorfschule Chiemgau.


SIFA Children Centre


At the SIFA Children Centre from Francis Wanjala, there are school desks missing as well. Furthermore, the 380 pupils would be happy to have their floors repaired and get a new fence. It would cost 1,400 € overall to realize those things, but unfortunately nyendo does not have financial resources available for that school. Neither has the SIFA Children Centre partnered up with a European school yet.

Kanyrosha Self Help School

The 267 students of Patrick Aludas’ Self Help School mostly need a new watertank, yet we are not able to support them with the necessary 700 € that are required to buy the thank. Besides, they have not found a partner school in Europe so far.


Love School Centre


The Love School Centre under the supervision of Veronicah Nduku, partner school of the Freie Waldorfschule Rosenheim, is asking for financial support to be able to build eight classrooms and three toilets for the 369 pupils. There is also a constant need of monetary aid to pay the rent for the property. The value of the support that is asked for is 10,000 €, whilst there are 1,400 € available at the moment.

Five Star Academy

At Charlers Oduors Five Star Acadmey, partner school of the student company Jamii at the Freie Waldorfschule Evinghause, there are six new toilets required for the pupils. Moreover, the school is in need of support to pay the lease of its property. The financial necessity altogether is 1,700 € compared to 300 € that are available so far.


Skylife Centre


For the 375 students of the Skylife Centre, supervised by Susan Lukobo and partner school of the Louise-von-Rothschild-Schule in Frankfurt am Main, classrooms urgently need to be expanded. In addition, they are asking for support regarding payment for the lease of the property and their school lunch project. All in all, around 4,700 € are required, at the moment there are 900 € on hand.

Happy Hour School

New classrooms are indispensable for the 168 pupils at the Happy Hour School, whose principal is Pamela Matelani, too. So far, only 800 € have been raised, yet they will need a total amount of 4,700 € to build the rooms. Unfortunately the school does not have a European partnership yet.


Kanungaga Friends Education Center


At Kanungaga Friends Education Center with 116 students managed by Mary Lavusa, there are 1,500 € required for new floors, furniture and chalkboards. Thanks to the support of Chemnitzer Waldorfschule, there are already 1,300 € on hand.

Sweet Angels School

Christine Shisanyas’ 160 pupils at the Sweet Angels School need a school kitchen and two additional toilets, adding up tp 2,220 € in cost. There are already 850 € available and they have partnered up with a german school, the Freie Waldorfschule Frankfurt am Main.


Bensophil Community Centre


No partner school for the Bensophil Community Centre managed by Sophia Nyaboke Nyakundi has been found yet. Still there is a need of six additional toilets and school desks for the 569 students which will cost around 2,600 €. Regrettably, nyendo does not have financial resources for that school at the moment.

Bethel Community Development Centre

The Bethel Community Development Centre supervised by Immaculate Lumasayi Chimwani and its 102 pupils are hoping for a new property in close neighborhood to where they are based right now. The exact amount of the support they will need has not been calculated yet, nevertheless there seem to be buildings that would serve the purpose. Right now, they do not have a European partner school.


Pama School


At the Pama School, one of the two new CIFEFA Schools, lead by Caleb Owino, 454 pupils are taugt. Unfortunately, they do not have a European partner yet. Pama School is in need of renovation of classroom, repair or replacement of school desks and new toilets. Therefore, 2,000 € are required, but not available from funds of nyendo at the moment.

Evemon Education Centre

Another new member of the network is the Evemon Education Centre from Evelyne Ribaisi. The 198 students would be very happy with a renovation of floors and new paint that will cost around 2,000 € on the whole. So far, there are no resources available, we are also looking for a partner school in Europe.