During the Easter vacations 2019 the wooden bridge of the Sweet Angels School disappeared. It was supposed to provide a safe way to school for the children in that area, but overnight it was stolen and probably used for firewood. The school was scheduled to reopen in a week and the rainy season was approaching. A solution was needed!
With the help of the donations collected by the Nyendo student company of the free Waldorf School Evinghausen and Josef Schmitz it was possible to renew the bridge within a very short time. This time, however, it was not made of wood, but with a stone arch construction, which was previously unusual in Kangemi.

The entire neighborhood, the teachers of the Sweet Angels School and the parents of the children all joined in to build a new school path for the children. They were supported on site by Nyendo staff member Tony Karori and a team of architecture students who were also in Kangemi at the time to design teacher housing for the KYC.

The construction of the bridge generated so much excitement in the neighborhood that since then, 21 new children have been attending Sweet Angels School, according to Headmistress Christine.