Many things are necessary to make good teaching possible – some are so self-evident for us that we can hardly imagine that they could be a problem, for example the supply of the students and teachers with drinking water. At the self-help schools in the slums of Nairobi, fresh and clean water is not a matter of course, but has to be bought and carried to school in canisters.

The founder of the Love School, Veronicah Nduku, received a donation from our German student companies in January 2018 to have a sufficiently large water tank installed so that enough water can be kept in stock for all students and teachers.

Drainage of the classrooms

Repair of the roof

For the total of 35,000 Kenyan shillings (equivalent to just under €300.00), holes in the roofs of the school’s corrugated iron barracks were also repaired and drainage channels were dug to drain the classrooms that were flooded during the rainy season.

Pupils with water canisters

Pupils getting drinking water