All members of the nyendo.lernen network met on Fraueninsel at the end of January, 2024. 17 young people from the school company “Upendo Tamu” from Rosenheim and 14 young people from the Prien school company “food for food”, as well as the director Mrs. Irmgard Wutte and other leading employees of nyendo.lernen.

The partner schools from Nairobi, Kenya were connected live one morning. The German and Nairobi schools introduced themselves to each other and danced together. On the other days, the two student companies discussed new projects, received information about the current situation of our partner schools from Kenya, told each other how they had spent their last year and what they were planning.

Each student company had time to organize themselves and plan their projects for the coming period. A training session for the online whiteboard “Miro” was organized for us, where we worked in groups on a project of our choice. Linda Anandah, a Social Protection student from Kenya, told us about her bachelor thesis. The students who are planning to go to Kenya next year as part of their social internship received more detailed information about such a trip from Mrs. Wutte in the evening and were able to have open questions answered by her.

We were accommodated in Frauenwörth Abbey, cooked together and strengthened and enjoyed the community spirit. Our plans for the coming year are to work more closely with the two student companies and to implement the new projects planned there at the school.

We had a great time!

Many thanks to Mrs. Wutte and Brigitte Lindenhofer for the organization and of course to Sister Scholastika for welcoming us so warmly again!