Further milestone for NairoBits

Funds from the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) provided by the Schmitz Foundations. In December 2020 and April 2021 we already reported about our cooperation with NairoBits. Now we have reached a milestone in funding the equipment for the ICT classroom at [...]

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Progress with our NairoBits project

The nyendo family is very proud that the NairoBits project is making such great progress. With the inclusion of nyendo in the Schmitz Foundation and the expected financial resources, it is now possible to move the project forward well and with NairoBits we also have a professional contact person [...]

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The nyendo online annual party

The nyendo annual celebration 2021 On 29/01/2021 we had an online annual celebration on Discord and Zoom instead of a closed meeting at Chiemsee because of Corona. At the beginning there were a few introductory words from Irmgard.  Afterwards, the student companies discussed with a [...]

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After the lockdown – First impressions from Kangemi in January 2021

After the lockdown - First impressions from Kangemi in January 2021 New to the Nyendo Team Nairobi is our staff member Ndanu Brown. She is re-establishing our office at Kangemi Youth School (KYS) and will be on site for one day each week. On 19 [...]

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A reflection of 2020 from the perspective of the Nyendo Institute

A reflection of 2020 from the perspective of the Nyendo Institute Like probably many reviews of 2020, the one of the Nyendo Institute is a mixed one. Our year started with a great retreat on the Fraueninsel at Lake Chiemsee. Many personal encounters, many guests with interesting inputs [...]

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Irmgard’s visit to Nairobits at the Mukuru Kwa Reuben Center

Irmgard's visit to Nairobits at the Mukuru Kwa Reuben Center Nairobits is a non-profit organization that brings education to the underprivileged youth in the slum who have completed their schooling. With this local initiative Nyendo wants to take a new and very promising path for the benefit of [...]

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Nyendo congratulates Margret Rasfeld

Nyendo congratulates Margret Rasfeld Co-founder of "Schule im Aufbruch"* On November 15, Margret Rasfeld won the "Aufbruch Award 2020" as an encourager, world-changer and great future optimist in the field of education! When her and Prof. Hüther travel around the country, talking about the [...]

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Change means: from petitioner to entrepreneur!

Change means: From petitioner to entrepreneur! Interim report from Nairobi, August 2020 Dear Nyendo Community, the tsunami of global change hit us hard with the lockdown in mid-March and "washed me and my daughter and grandchild" to Nairobi just in time. Privately, a dream has come true: [...]

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What happened to our “Corona Special”?

What happened to our "Corona Special"? Our Nyendo student companies were not idle even during the Corona lockdown, and promoted the "Corona Special" in their environment. As a result, a total of €10,279 has been raised in the period from the end of April to the present. 1.776 [...]

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Solar Learning and Design Thinking in Nairobi

Solar Learning and Design Thinking in Nairobi We at solar learning e.V. are happy to develop a product around solar energy for the people in Nairobi together with "Nyendo globales Lernen". Since April 2020 we have been meeting regularly in online sessions with people from Nairobi. Together we [...]

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Five things that Nyendo does different from classic volunteer services

"What we experienced there will stay with us all our lives." Digging wells, looking after orphans or building schools? What many volunteer programs in Africa do is certainly well-intentioned. But is it also sustainable? We at Nyendo do things a bit differently. Many young people in [...]

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Nyendo-Report Nairobi – September 2020

Nyendo-Report Nairobi - September 2020 Covid-19 pandemic – consequences for most schools As the world is now adapting to new changes brought up by the covid-19 pandemic, most developing countries are struggling to keep pace with these changes like social distancing, e-learning, self-dependency, disaster preparedness & management [...]

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