Advent market in Prien

At the Advent market of our school on November 24, 2023, we from nyendo Prien sold various items in a separate room. These included popcorn, samosas, a Kenyan rice dish and jewelry, bags, CDs and other goods. A high three-digit amount was collected.

The atmosphere was very nice, our cozy room was very inviting. And our new poster, on which we introduced ourselves, was a real eye-catcher.

We can look back on a successful Advent market!

Advent bazaar at the Waldorf School Rosenheim

The end of November was the time to do it again in Rosenheim: the school and the schoolyard were opened for the Advent market! There were lots of delicious things to find in the schoolyard, from pizza to mulled wine. Advent wreaths could also be made or simply bought ready-made. In the school there were stalls from various exhibitors, the fairytale forest and dwarf workshop for children, home-baked cakes from the school parents were sold to benefit the school. As soon as you entered the school hall, it smelled temptingly of waffles and coffee! The Upendo Tamu student company once again had its waffle and coffee stand right near the entrance! All the students in the school company had made the double waffle batter at home and now they were baking waffles without a break! The kids especially loved them: Waffles with Nutella! We were also very lucky that a parent provided us with a great professional portafilter machine and coffee and also helped us with advice and support! The students had also been able to attend a proper barista course with the Merchant family!

Our new products for sale were jars filled with cocoa and marshmallows, herbal salt or bath salts.

In the evening, everyone was exhausted, but happy that it was a complete success again!