Our long-standing advisory board member Esin Bozyazi came to Kenya and Uganda from 19 to 29 November. She wanted to get a personal impression of our nyendo collaboration with our partners in Nairobi and wrote about it on LinkedIn:

“Nyendo live – nyendo makes the difference. After the challenges of the pandemic, I had the incredible opportunity to visit the schools supported by nyendo for the first time. It was a heartwarming experience to meet the dedicated teachers and children in person. I am incredibly proud of the nyendo team, especially the visionary founder Irmgard Wutte. You create miracles every day. Thank you for letting me be part of this journey.”

Together with Esin, we visited our partner organization Start Somewhere. Ihre Eindrücke von diesem Besuch schildert sie wie folgt:

“I had the inspiring opportunity to visit Start Somewhere Gmbh in Nairobi and explore their school building projects in Kibera, the second largest informal settlement in Africa. Compared to the crowded spaces of the community schools, two selected schools have been built through the initiative of Oliver von Malm, which significantly improve life in this community. It’s a fantastic initiative.”

We spent the second half of her visit with nyendo friends in Uganda. Esin was able to experience how sustainable development is lived and, above all, how women and girls can make a difference if they are given the opportunity to do so.

“I am very happy to share the incredible journey we have taken in Uganda. Thanks to the generous support of the commitment of local communities, we witnessed the impressive work of a truly remarkable NGO called GREEN LIGHT FORUM UGANDA.

Green light Forum Uganda is a cooperation of organizations around organic farming and rural schools. Sharing competences, driving project development, and improving technologies are the core topics for advancing sustainably organized agriculture. These are core topics that nyendo also addresses. The project is committed to creating sustainable livelihoods for smallholder families, also against advancing climate change.

“The nyendo team had the privilege of being invited to Uganda by the esteemed board member of the NGO Greenlight Forum, Ssegujja Patrick. Our goal was to explore projects and explore our cooperation opportunities in the field of sustainable business models in organic farming and the promotion of socially sustainable schools.”

Esin was impressed by the fact that women are empowered in their role as organic farmers and that they are joining forces in networks to achieve more together.

“During our visit to KASUKU, a community of organic farmers, we were deeply impressed to find that the majority of the participants were women farmers. The passion and perseverance of these women are driving positive change.”

The path continued to lead to the Skills Oriented Development Initiative (SODI), a community of organic farmers founded by visionary Nankya Proscovca and involving more than 1000 smallholder farmers. Sustainable practices are also the basis of all work in this community. It uses what nature provides: rainwater, solar energy, and compost in biogas processing.

“Our journey also took us to a sustainable primary school called Nambeeta. Young girls develop and produce sustainable sanitary napkins for themselves and the entire women‘s village community. This powerful initiative promotes education, empowerment, and sustainable practices. Therefore, nyendo would like to support this project for the girls, and additional support from your side is very welcome.”


We can’t describe it better than Esin, who returned with many impressions she experienced with her eyes and her heart. Nyendo is based on communities and networks, nyendo promotes self-reliance and nyendo stands for sustainability:

“As we reflect on our time in Uganda, we are grateful for the opportunity to witness and contribute to such significant projects. The cooperation between local communities, NGOs and support from Germany paves the way for a better and more sustainable future. Let’s continue to support sustainability, organic farming, and community development. Together we can make a lasting difference!

Thank you, dear Irmgard Wutte and dear Ssegujja Patrick.“