Atieno Beryl Jimbo
Office & Projectmanager nyendo Kenya

Atieno Beril Jimbo has been working in the Nyendo office in Nairobi since August 2021. She became aware of nyendo through Irmgard Wutte and was immediately enthusiastic about our idea and working for nyendo.

Her main tasks are the management of the nyendo office and the coordination of the nyendo projects. Twice a week she is on site to support the communication of the individual Nyendo partners. In cooperation with Jasmine, she is responsible for the transmission of the concrete data of the individual projects to Germany.

Projects with the partner schools

She is currently overseeing a project at Kanyroscha School: a farming club whose members volunteer to grow and harvest vegetables and then sell them at the market. The proceeds in turn benefit the students at Kanyroscha School.

In addition, Atieno is coordinating the development of the NairoBits ICT Learning Center at Kangemi Youth School, which we report on regularly here on the blog.

Atieno would also like to intensify the contact with the student companies in Germany and Austria. For this purpose, she is planning regular Zoom meetings – and maybe it will also be possible for Atieno to come to Germany for nyendo’s annual retreat.


Atieno lives in the small town of Ruaka in Greater Nairobi. She studied Agribusiness Management at the University of Nairobi. After completing her studies in 2018, she focused on migration issues and worked as a consultant in this field.

Besides that she has a small but nice online store “JIPE ARTS”, where she sells handmade wallets and belts. In Swahili, JIPE means ‘to give yourself a gift’. Her wallets are personalized and therefore very precious to the owner. Atieno’s vision is to make each person feel unique and valued. Through their personalized gifts this thought should be supported.

Atieno grew up in a small town in western Kenya. There were few opportunities, especially for girls, to get a good education. Few books, no electricity and not enough teachers characterized her everyday school life. But Atieno was able to perform well in school despite the poor conditions and later go to university.

“Every person should feel unique and valued”.

Due to her own fate, it is especially important to her to support underprivileged children, because a good education is the key to success. She wants to help the young people to get closer to their dreams and to pursue their goals, despite the adverse circumstances.

Atieno wants to be an inspiration to the young people, to show that it is possible to achieve one’s dreams, even if the conditions are difficult.

That is why she is working with nyendo. We are very happy that she supports us so competently.