The property of the Kangemi Youth Center is located on one side of a river and was only protected by a weak fence or not at all. The school garden is also located in this area, so thieves repeatedly gained access to the property at night through the river and stole not only vegetables and bananas, but also electrical cables, light bulbs and even the children’s toys.

Handwerker beim Setzen der Pfosten

Workmen putting the posts in place.

Without a stable learning environment and the necessary equipment, and if the school is unable to provide the school children with food, enrolments fall and teachers cannot be paid. To escape this vicious circle, the Nyendo student companies from Prien and Rosenheim have decided to support this project to reinforce the fence.

After the money for the fence material was paid out at the end of October 2023, the school started the project with the help of three workers.

Rolling out the first meters of fence.

After a few days, the 135 m long property boundary was secured.

The teachers and children can start growing vegetables again in the new school year (the school year in Kenya begins in January). This work develops their agricultural skills and improves their understanding of healthy eating.