My name is Linda Anandah, and I am currently pursuing my MScs in Social Protection here in Germany. I am excited to share with you the story of how I embarked on an internship journey with Nyendo.

It all began when I stumbled upon nyendo. lernen website and my exciting interaction with Irmgard, the founder, who shared in details their vision which is to bridge the divide of our globalized society by collaboratively addressing social issues, this immediately captivated me.

Growing up in Kenya, I witnessed firsthand the challenges many children faced in accessing necessities like books, desks, and a conducive learning environment. The impactful work Nyendo does to alleviate these struggles deeply resonated with me. As an organisation, nyendo collaborates with schools in German speaking countries in Europe and in Kenya. In Europe, they mentor and coach students to be great social entrepreneurs by providing them with necessary tools and resources.

In addition to their focus on social entrepreneurship and addressing social inequality, I am particularly impressed by nyendo’s commitment to fair trade. As a student of social protection, I firmly believe that fair trade plays a pivotal role in promoting equality and equity on a global scale. Nyendo embodies this principle by buying ethically produced and locally sourced goods in Kenya, and ensuring fair compensation for coffee sellers, ornaments makers, and others. Moreover, the profits from these sales are directed towards supporting schools in Kenyan slums.

My journey with Nyendo as an intern has been nothing short of transformative. Under the guidance of my supervisor, Brigitte, I have had the privilege to learn, grow, and contribute to meaningful projects. Brigitte’s mentorship has not only enhanced my professional skills but has also instilled in me the importance of independent work and self-motivation.

Every day at Nyendo brings forth new challenges, brimming with the potential for my career growth, whether it involves supporting aspiring social entrepreneurs or collaborating closely with local communities, Nyendo consistently stands at the forefront of positive change.