In July 2012, I founded the nyendo.lernen hand in hand UG, after having built up the pilot Nyendo student company in Ismaning from 2004 to 2007 and working on the concept of a social business project selection. This first student company has been dealing with fair artisan products since 2004 and has since been able to donate 100.000€ to their partner school in Kenya. A total of eleven student age groups have since been on site.

In Swahili, “nyendo” means movement

Encouraged by this success and inspired by the lively education debate in our country, I invited more schools to join in. With currently six Nyendo schools, as a Nyendo team and network, we are making a “moving” contribution to our changing global society. Prof. Gerald Hüther explained in a talk show on education:

We have no cognitive deficit, we have a transposition deficit!

nyendo.lernen is a concrete NEW education offer with great effect!

Michael Ende said in an interview in the 90s: “The culture of the 21st century will and must be a global culture.”

Our Nyendo youths actively develop this NEW, a GLOBAL culture.

We are touched by the global interest and concern of our youth to work for a peaceful and just world, and impressed by the motivation and expertise of our friends in the Nairobi slum.

We invite both target groups to a lively and partnership-based cooperation, we inspire and encourage them and thus unleash enormous potential.

When we raise potential and hope in the slums, nobody has to flee to us!

Scaled to many German schools, our concept can also bring about change in other areas of the world.