Profile Veronica Nduku

Veronica is the owner of Love School, which consists of Love School Senior in Kangemi and Love School Junior in Mlolongo. She founded the school in Kangemi in 2003 and opened the school in Mlolongo in 2020 in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Veronica grew up in poor circumstances and had a hard time attending school. She graduated from college, where she trained as an early childhood educator with the goal of becoming a teacher of young children, and then worked as a teacher at a new school.

In 2003, Veronica decided to start her own school in Kawangware. The reason for this decision was her passion to help children from poor backgrounds get an education. She wants to use education as a means to eradicate poverty in the community. Her experience as a single mother has led her to be passionate about helping children from single mother households because she better understands their challenges. When she founded Love School Senior, she made it her mission to help the most disadvantaged children. Initially, she reached out to children who were HIV positive and offered them free education. Since then, her school has grown and provided education to many children, some of whom are now adults studying at universities.

Veronica is an entrepreneurial thinking person who is determined to find solutions to the problems around her. At her school, she rents out the classroom on weekends for community meetings and to churches who pay her a fee to use the space. She is currently planning to purchase water tanks and sell water to area residents during the dry season. She has a remarkable talent for seeing business opportunities in random things. In this way, she has been able to raise her four children and support foster children who lived with her during the vacations.

Veronica is committed to expanding her schools. She is resilient and works hard to overcome the challenges she faces along the way. Thanks to these qualities, she has been able to help many underprivileged children in the community and plans to provide education to many more. She wants to open more schools, especially in areas affected by extreme poverty.

Her bubbly and cheerful personality cannot be overlooked. She has managed to build close relationships with her team; some teachers have been working for her for eight years. Veronica feels very honored when former students of nyendo call her to thank her for helping them get an education. Her goal is for every child to receive an education because she strongly believes that these children are the future. Her vision with Love School is to start more schools in the coming years.