TEAlicious – Closed conference 2022

This year’s Nyendo Retreat from February 10-12, 2022 was joined by all TEAlicious staff. Especially for Susan and Jessica it was very interesting this year, as it was the first retreat for them and they got a lot of new and exciting insights into the network. This year we were able to get to know the new members of the other student companies better, exchange ideas with them and also expand our contact with the schools in Kenya..

As a product, we presented the Nyendo merchandise to the students this year, which we developed as part of the Youth Entrepreneurship Week at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten. It consits of sustainably produced bags with the Nyendo logo. We were already able to sell some copies to teachers and one was given to Atieno as a souvenir and express our gratefulness. Furthermore, we also want to print T-shirts and postcards with pictures drawn by children from Nairobi.

For this, the rallye on the second day was just right for us, where each student company chose a partner school. The Evemon School will act together with us this year and we are very excited about the cooperation. At the retreat we already shot a short video introducing ourselves and our student company. We have also set up a WhatsApp group to keep in touch with our partners and have already exchanged pictures in it to get to know their culture and ours better.


On the last day, the focus was on the further development of the student company in the form of a World Café workshop. We got new tips from the expert Sebastian Neu and Daniela presented us with a new way of designing the monthly mirror. In addition, we worked out the strategy for this year and set various milestones, one of which we will soon be able to fulfill.

For the end of March we are planning a sales booth at the Ybbs Easter Market to sell Easter cookies, Easter decorations and our teas. We are really looking forward to it and will tell nyendo, the student companies and our partner school about it.

Overall, we enjoyed the retreat very much, it was varied, exciting and interesting. Not only as a student company we could grow closer together, but also as a Nyendo network we strengthened our connection.

We would like to thank the whole Nyendo team and the student companies for a great time!