How we should fight hunger and food dependency in the world

The fact that many people in developing countries suffer from hunger is nothing new. The pandemic has exacerbated this situation.

The Movement of Life project wants to take a different path than large international aid organisations, whose projects have often created a dependency that could not lead to progress and self-sustainability. 

The campaign “Free Food for All” aims to create a food base far away from the aid money of charitable organisations. Planting and cultivating vegetable gardens, creating awareness of the health-promoting relevance of fruits and vegetables, cultivating medicinal plants, and finally taking the knowledge and seedlings that are created in the school gardens to the community beds. These are the first and most important steps to create a basis for independence.

Once the basic need for food has been met, further thought can be given. Then surplus can flow into the economic cycle and new projects can arise again on one’s own initiative. The contribution from Paul Anthony Taylor and finally also the video of the Movement of Life-Team clearly show what really counts besides financial aid: understanding the situation of the people and helping them where problems originate.

Where plants and knowledge grow, progress and independence will do the same.