What problem did we face?

Around 160 teachers work in our 12 network schools in the unplanned settlements of Nairobi. The monthly salary of a teacher in Kenya ranges from €40 (young teacher) to €60 (headmaster). For the vacation months of April, August, November, and December they are not paid at all. How can we help these incredibly dedicated people through these months? How can we bind them to our schools and thus at least bring some continuity into the lives of our approximately 3,200 students?

How we supported our teachers

The Nyendo students in Germany and Austria were able to reach many people in their home country through actions like the Christmas or the Corona-Special and encourage many people to donate. At the same time, they also provided missing amounts from the profits of their student companies. Thus, from November 2017 to April 2020, salaries could be paid to the teachers for 11 months with a total amount of 46,700 €.

What we achieved

We were able to keep most of the teaching staff at our schools. The children were happy that these caregivers, who were so important to them, were not constantly changing. The teachers had career prospects and were able to support their families.