Drinking water supply – a fundamental problem in the slums

Only 59% of all Kenyans have access to clean water. The situation is particularly striking in the slums and in our slum schools. Getting fresh drinking water is often a time-consuming task, carrying it hundreds of meters or buying it in 20-liter canisters. This money is not available then for the school and the time for the lessons. The school has not been able to afford the money for its own water pipe connected to the municipal water supply. Unclean water also causes many health problems.

The project starts thanks to financial support from Nyendo School Evinghausen

In January 2019, the applications for connection to the Nairobi City Water Company are submitted. In May, the material can finally be ordered and immediately the construction of the foundations for the two 6,000-liter freshwater tanks begins with great enthusiasm and joy. The next step is to lay the pipes from the school to the municipal connection point.

A successful result

In August 2019, the tanks are mounted on the structure and the pipes are laid. When finally, the last water meter is installed, the long existing problem with the drinking water supply at Five Star Academy is a matter of the past. Teachers and students can now concentrate more on teaching. Neighbors and parents of students have already asked if they could get this clean water from the school as well.