Skylife School

nyen­do-Schu­le in Deutsch­land Loui­se-von Roth­schild-Schu­le Frank­furt am Main von 9/2017 bis 8/2018. Ab 9/2018 nur noch koope­rie­ren­de Schu­le
Zahl der Schü­ler 313
eige­nes Grund­stück nein
Schul­ge­bäu­de gemie­te­ter Kir­chen­raum mit mobi­len Raum­tei­lern
Spen­den von nyen­do-Schu­len 1.680 €
sons­ti­ge Spen­der 250 €
Spen­den­ver­wen­dung 2017: Janu­ar — Schul­bän­ke
2017: Bezah­lung von Leh­rer­ge­häl­tern für April und Dezem­ber
Bedarf 28 neue Schul­bän­ke
Licht für die Klas­sen­zim­mer


The Sky­li­fe School is loca­ted in Nai­ro­bi Coun­ty Dago­ret­ti Sub Coun­ty, Kawang­wa­re loca­ti­on, and sta­ge 56 ter­mi­nus. The school is regis­te­red under APBET schools. It is ope­ra­ted at a church pre­mi­se whe­re by the church does not belong to school, so we pay rent of ksh. 15,000/= per month. The school runs from baby class to stan­dard eight, having par­ti­tio­ning of eight rooms in a church hall, using mobi­le ply­wood struc­tures and one room is out­si­de the hall and we have sepa­ra­ted class seven and eight in the room using ply­wood.

The school has enrol­led 350 pupils and they are in dif­fe­rent levels and 10 com­mit­ted tea­chers.

So far the school has got the fol­lo­wing assets:

  • 41 desks which allows 200 pupils to sit on. Most of the desks accom­mo­da­te 5 pupils through squee­zing and 120 pupils are sit­ting on floor.
  • We have 4 latri­nes whe­re by they are sha­red as fol­lows; 2 for girls and 1 for boys and 1 for tea­chers. The school doesn’t have water sto­rage tank so we fetch water and store it in buckets for drin­king and clea­ning.
  • To the moment we have not found the land to lea­se becau­se the first one we found had fami­ly com­pli­ca­ti­ons.

Main Challenges:

  1. Land for expan­si­on
  2. Fur­ni­tu­re (desks)
  3. Tea­chers’ sala­ries which we depend on par­ents who­se most of them are casu­al workers and some­ti­mes they fail sub­mit fee due to lack of jobs.
  4. Fee­ding pro­gram­me whe­re vul­nera­ble child­ren suf­fer a lot

We pro­mi­se to work with the funds as per descri­bed bud­get and the remai­ning figu­re the school will pro­vi­de. The atta­ched pho­tos talks a lot about the sta­tus we are in.