Gedicht über Nyendo aus Afrika

Februar 20, 2018 No comments exist


Come, peop­le of our gene­ra­ti­on,
Come, all the part­ners,
Come, come with thanks,
Come, you come,
Four­te­en CIFEFA schools have some­thing to men­ti­on.
You come, lets talk about NYENDO,
The best fri­end I have ever met,
The best part­ner I have ever had,
A fri­end with good ide­as.
Come let’s talk about NYENDO,
A part­ner full of peace
He con­nec­ted and ope­ned for us,
We are able to see your beau­ti­ful coun­try, 
cities and schools that part­ner us.
Thank you NYENDO.
All fri­end school,
 Rosen­heim, Pries, Chem­nitz, Frank­furt, 
Eving­hau­sen, Loui­se Von Roth­schild,
And all our fri­end in Ger­ma­ny,
We belie­ve that our cir­cle will pro­du­ce good,
 Fruit in both, Kenya and Ger­ma­ny.
Your pre­sence in our school gave us hope and inspi­ra­ti­on in learning,
Your dona­ti­on to our school chan­ge the look of our school,
Good class­room and toi­let,
Desks and book, made us com­for­ta­ble
We are now smi­ling, play­ing and working hard in edu­ca­ti­on
My part­ner NYENDO,
Thank you for giving me hope,
Yes, for making I know how important I am.

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