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Come, people of our generation,
Come, all the partners,
Come, come with thanks,
Come, you come,
Fourteen CIFEFA schools have something to mention.
You come, lets talk about NYENDO,
The best friend I have ever met,
The best partner I have ever had,
A friend with good ideas.
Come let’s talk about NYENDO,
A partner full of peace
He connected and opened for us,
We are able to see your beautiful country, 
cities and schools that partner us.
Thank you NYENDO.
All friend school,
 Rosenheim, Pries, Chemnitz, Frankfurt, 
Evinghausen, Louise Von Rothschild,
And all our friend in Germany,
We believe that our circle will produce good,
 Fruit in both, Kenya and Germany.
Your presence in our school gave us hope and inspiration in learning,
Your donation to our school change the look of our school,
Good classroom and toilet,
Desks and book, made us comfortable
We are now smiling, playing and working hard in education
My partner NYENDO,
Thank you for giving me hope,
Yes, for making I know how important I am.

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