Skylife School

Nyendo Schule in Deutschland: noch keine

Schülerfirma: noch keine

  • Nyendo-Partnerschule seit: 2016
  • Schüler: Waisen, Straßenkinder
  • Eigenes Grundstück: nein
  • Spenden: 562,40 €
  • Projekte: noch keine

The Skylife School is located in Nairobi County Dagoretti Sub County, Kawangware location, and stage 56 terminus. The school is registered under APBET schools. It is operated at a church premise where by the church does not belong to school, so we pay rent of ksh. 15,000/= per month. The school runs from baby class to standard eight, having partitioning of eight rooms in a church hall, using mobile plywood structures and one room is outside the hall and we have separated class seven and eight in the room using plywood.

The school has enrolled 350 pupils and they are in different levels and 10 committed teachers.

So far the school has got the following assets:

  • 41 desks which allows 200 pupils to sit on. Most of the desks accommodate 5 pupils through squeezing and 120 pupils are sitting on floor.
  • We have 4 latrines where by they are shared as follows; 2 for girls and 1 for boys and 1 for teachers. The school doesn’t have water storage tank so we fetch water and store it in buckets for drinking and cleaning.
  • To the moment we have not found the land to lease because the first one we found had family complications.

Main Challenges:

  1. Land for expansion
  2. Furniture (desks)
  3. Teachers’ salaries which we depend on parents whose most of them are casual workers and sometimes they fail submit fee due to lack of jobs.
  4. Feeding programme where vulnerable children suffer a lot

We promise to work with the funds as per described budget and the remaining figure the school will provide. The attached photos talks a lot about the status we are in.

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