How many baboons can you see?

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How many baboons can you see?

Nyendo does not only create bridges between conventional and modern education, but also between schools in Germany. It does not only create bridges between schools in Germany and Africa, but especially between people that want to make a change and reduce poverty sustainably in the near future. My journey started with a little fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of a totally different culture and of uncommon standards. I also know that if I face this fear I will gain experiences no one will take away from me.

The next day a conference at the Oseki Farm was held. Fourteen headmasters from our slum schools, Susanne Stauch, William Ruddick, Irmgard Wutte and me sat together and discussed the next plans of our new collaboration. We also discussed some new ideas with the headmasters (report will follow).

Conference at Oseki Farm with 14 headmasters, Irmgard Wutte, William Ruddick (not shown), Susanne Stauch and Lucas Höppler (not shown).

Day 1: The Great Rift Valley

Our accommodation for the next two days.


On Sunday I joined the tour group of Irmgard to the Great Rift Valley, which is a lowland containing several lakes. It is also a very dry place with very high temperatures. We stopped at Olorgesailie, a prehistoric excavation site, where neither water nor electricity is available. The plan is to stay there for the next two days.

Before nightfall our local guide Danson Nkumum led us through the nature to a cliff where several baboos were living. It was fantastic! How many can you count?

How many baboons can you count?

Watching the sunset.

We went back to taste some traditional food. Since no light was available, eating was a challenge but not impossible. The spirit in the group was good and so the evening became something very special. In this area where no light is, one can see the Milky Way in its full power - simply breathtaking.

Day 2: Following the history of the Massai

The salt lake Magadi.

The night was windy. We got up at 6:00 am in the morning. At this time the air is still fresh and cool.  Today our aim is the Lake Magadi which is a big salt lake in the Great Rift Valley, 150 km south of Nairobi. The red color comes from algae that dip the water in this way.


The tour group continued their journey to the hot springs. I stayed in a nearby hotel drinking tea between some plants and the hotel swimming pool. This hotel lies in the district of the Massai, a migrating tribe living in this area. By the way, it is illegal to take pictures of them. Drinking my tea I met Lucas Magadi. He is a Massai and a proud man representing his culture the best he can.

Danson Nkumum and Agnes Nkalo preparing a traditional porridge.

Benedict playing with the children of a Massai.

He works as a tourist guide these days. He told me that it was in April 2016 when enough rain fell in this area. So there was only little rain for more than a year. The poverty of his people is not because of lack of money, but of lack of water. He told me that in former times, when the British had control over this area, there was much more water available. They installed water tanks everywhere.


Today, most containers are not usable anymore. Now and then a truck brings water to some of the villages but the container is empty before most people could get benefit from that. These days a giant water tank is built by the Indians that own the salt production company. Whether his people of the village will get some water from it, he could not say. But one thing is sure: water is precious in this region.


Walking in the desert.

Day 3: Olorukka

View from the mountain chain Olorukka.

On the way back to Nairobi, we made a stop at the mountain chain Olorukka. There we did a little hike to one of the peaks. From here one can have a great view. In our case it was a bit hazy on that day, but nevertheless it was a wonderful nature experience. 



Back in Nairobi we were surprised by several African friends of Irmgard that showed us some traditional dances. We participated and had a lot of fun together.

Lucas Carl Philipp Höppler

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